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For an oasis of calm in your own home: the "Q2 Zen Garden" collection.

Unwind and get away from your busy everyday life - with the fabrics from the "Q2 Zen Garden" collection.

All of the fabrics and their six colour palettes, ranging from pastel shades to natural, understated nuances and a monochrome black and white design, reflect the three basic elements of peace, harmony and beauty that define the Japanese approach to gardening.

The set of patterns includes the wavy design "Kyoto", the large-scale leaf design "Iwaki", the unusual all-in-one striped pattern "Takao", the circle design "Origami", and also the matching plain-coloured basic fabric "Azuma", which has an understated bouclé look.


With "Q2 second life", a new line has been created that meets the Q2-specific properties but is also made fully from recycled PET bottles previously used by consumers (post-consumer waste) and therefore 100 percent recyclable. Due to the use of only one type of yarn, the "Q2 second life" fabrics can be recycled again with a circular economy in mind. Thanks to Q2's specific properties, including above-average light- and colour fastness ratings, the fact that these high-quality fabrics are fully synthetic, and their exceptional breathability, which makes them perfect for seating upholstery, Q2 fabrics are a safe choice in terms of comfort and aesthetics.

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