Weave:Flat fabric

Q2 Baronesse - a timeless choice for those who value elegance and style.

From soft natural tones like delicate greige to deeper, rich colors like Bordeaux and royal blue, these fabrics offer a variety of options to bring a noble atmosphere to any space. Each of the seven fascinating color palettes highlights the delicate details of Art Nouveau elements, adding a touch of nobility to the furniture pieces.

The characteristic features of Q2 Baronesse are its floral patterns, straight stripes, and organic shapes. Three solid-colored items complement the six versatile patterns in a harmonious way. These designs reflect the aesthetics of an era where art and craftsmanship merged to create furniture of timeless beauty. The fabrics boast classic details that exude opulence while simultaneously conveying a sense of nostalgia and elegance.

The Q2-specific features, such as above-average light and color fastness values, a fully synthetic composition, and excellent seating comfort, make these items the top choice in terms of comfort and aesthetics.

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