Flame Retardant
Weave:Faux leather

The new high-performance synthetic leather from Active Line

With our synthetic leather from Active Line, we focus on performance. "Santo" is the first synthetic leather from Active Line that combines high utility value with the expectations of a pleasant tactile experience. The new Active Line synthetic leather is phthalate-free and remains remarkably flexible for processing. Furthermore, its qualities are not susceptible to the typical problem of breaking, as its surface is free of polyurethane (PU). Additionally, the material surface excels in the fact that stubborn stains caused by permanent markers or ballpoint pens can be easily removed. That's why it is particularly well-suited for demanding environments in the contract sector, healthcare, or fitness studios.

"Active Line Santo" complies with international fire safety standards, is resistant to disinfectants, blood, sweat, and urine, and also repels water and oil.

The synthetic leather offers a range of 31 solid colors.

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