HÖPKE GOES GREEN In collaboration with PLANT-MY-TREE®

Well-being for all requires a clean, healthy and diverse environment. We therefore want to reconcile positive economic development with the protection, sustainable development and promotion of our environment.

We are convinced that timely investments in this area will pay off in the long term, and are continuously working on improvements to products, packaging and logistics. And we already made investments several years ago: our own photovoltaic system has not only been supplying us with green electricity from renewable energy sources for over 10 years - it also saves us a huge amount of harmful CO2 emissions. Almost paperless working in the warehouse saves hundreds of sheets of paper every day and thus also the valuable resources wood and water. Our packaging material consists of 100% recyclable material.

Our goal is to operate largely CO2-neutral. However, we want to compensate for the amount of CO2, the emission of which cannot be completely avoided even by technical improvements, as far as possible by our own efforts.

That is why we are involved in cooperation with Plant-my-tree: to protect and restore terrestrial ecosystems and promote their sustainable use.


Sustainability does not work on its own Every tree counts

Many economic studies come to the conclusion that afforestation of forests is one of the few measures that actually work in the fight against global warming.

The deciduous and coniferous forests of our region do not only look beautiful, they have an essential function in the ecosystem: through photosynthesis, CO2 from the atmosphere is converted into carbon and oxygen. The oxygen is released through the leaves of the trees, the carbon is deposited in the wood mass. A tree neutralizes more than 1,000 kg of CO2 during its lifetime.

This is where we come in with the Höpke Goes Green initiative: In cooperation with PLANT-MY-TREE® we want to plant as many trees as possible and thus reforest areas!

PLANT-MY-TREE as a company carries out first afforestation projects on its own land in Germany, which was previously used for other purposes. Regional possibilities are taken into account and in agreement with the forestry authorities conifers and deciduous woods, shrubs and hedges as well as occasional fruit trees are planted. This creates a natural habitat for insects and animals over decades. Planned project durations of at least 99 years, during which no deforestation or economic use is to take place, underline the long-term climate protection goals. In 2014 PLANT-MY-TREE was certified by TÜV-Rheinland.

As early as October 2019, we at Höpke in Bad Endbach (Hessen) and Wahrenbrück-Zinsdorf (Brandenburg) planted 1,000 trees.
In 2020, an entire "Höpke mixed forest" consisting of 5,000 trees has been created there, which is to continue growing continuously.