Well-being for all requires a clean, healthy and diverse environment. We therefore want to reconcile positive economic development with the protection, sustainable development and promotion of our environment.

We are convinced that timely investments in this area will pay off in the long term and are continuously working on improvements in products, packaging and logistics.

Our goal is to operate largely CO2-neutral. However, we want to compensate for the amount of CO2, the emission of which cannot be completely avoided even by technical improvements, as far as possible by our own efforts.

Energy generation by the sun

And we already made investments several years ago: our own photovoltaic system has been supplying us with green electricity from renewable energies for over 10 years. Since no CO2 or other air pollutants are produced during the generation of electricity, we also save huge amounts of harmful emissions.

Paperless working thanks to Wifi scan system

The careful and at the same time efficient use of natural resources is increasingly becoming a key competence. Our implemented, state-of-the-art Wifi-Scan system enables almost paperless working in the warehouse, saving hundreds of sheets of paper every day. In addition to successful waste avoidance, we thus manage to conserve the valuable resources of wood and water.

100% recyclable packaging material

We are committed to preserving resources and materials as long as possible. By reusing products, processing and recycling, the resources of our planet are sustainably conserved. That is why we use a film for our packaging that does not contain any harmful dyes or ingredients, making it 100% recyclable.