Well-being for all requires a clean, healthy and diverse environment. We therefore want to reconcile positive economic development with the protection, sustainable development and promotion of our environment.

We are convinced that timely investments in this area will pay off in the long term and are continuously working on improvements in products, packaging and logistics.

Our goal is to operate largely CO2-neutral. However, we want to compensate for the amount of CO2, the emission of which cannot be completely avoided even by technical improvements, as far as possible by our own efforts.

Energy generation by the sun

An essentially infinite natural resource, solar energy has become a more and more prevalent driver of renewable power generation worldwide. We switched gears early: Our very own photovoltaic mini plant has provided our headquarters with green electricity while producing basically zero carbon emissions for over 10 years.

Paperless working thanks to Wifi scan system

We view gentle and yet efficient approaches to our natural resources as a key competency in our economic activities. Our state-of-the-art Wifi scanner system enables us to operate a virtually paperless warehouse. This has not only improved materials, energy and water efficiency in our own processes but furthermore helped us avoid unnecessary waste.

100% recyclable packaging material

Packaging fulfills essential functions: Primarily during transport and storage it protects the product. Further, it facilitates efficient and space-saving handling of our goods. In order to lessen the impact packaging can have on the environment, we implemented eco-friendly packaging standards years ago and use only 100% reusable packaging materials.