The raw materials for your designs. With all the details.

True to the motto: “form follows function”, may we present our fabrics as part of the Contract line: a color- and texture-coordinated preselection process using a card system based on color schemes or the material composition.

An example: For a room design in muted earth tones with accents in light beige, you are looking for a combination of subtly patterned and plain-colored cover fabrics. You will quickly find what you’re looking for with our 5 "Mix-IT" cards: Based on the color spectrum, the cards immediately show you which fabrics from the extensive range of the Contract line will be a great match for your concept.

MIX-IT Vol. 1

MIX-IT Vol. 2

MIX-IT Vol. 3

MIX-IT Vol. 4

MIX-IT Vol. 5

MIX-IT Vol. 6

MIX-IT Vol. 7

MIX-IT Vol. 8

MIX-IT Vol. 9