The raw materials for your designs. With all the details.

The new Contract line now combines everything that characterizes our company in an innovative overall concept: uncompromisingly high quality, diverse options and meticulous customer service.

A wide range of materials paired with a wide range of colors, provide limitless design possibilities for projects of all sizes. Fabrics in the Contract line will show the furniture off to best effect anywhere in the world. A visual and tactile statement with excellent functional properties. Reliable. Durable. Beautiful design.

MIX-IT One color Different fabrics


Every color, pattern and texture. Easy to access.

A unique extensive collection, but we’re well aware that the reality of project planning means very tight deadlines. With the Contract line, we have now developed a tool to take this into account. The central concept on which the concept is based: you can determine the specific properties of the upholstery fabric you require earlier in the planning phase than with others. A Regency-style hotel bar? Or a modern wellness spa? A minimalist corporate lobby with several signature pieces? The type of room or space you are designing often suggests the appropriate color combinations, and whether smooth or textured fabrics or plain or rich patterns will be the perfect fit for the room concept. True to the motto: “form follows function”, may we present our fabrics as part of the Contract line: a color- and texture-coordinated preselection process using a card system based on color schemes or the material composition.

UNI One fabric different worlds of colors


More than a service promise.

With around 1.5 million meters of goods in stock, we have an astonishing selection for your projects that is unparalleled in the industry. For you this means: a vast range of colors, materials and functionalities for the stylish and individual design of your projects.

As a family company, our tradition not only includes a commitment to maintain our craft, but also to provide the best service to our customers. Our expert staff will be happy to answer your questions and respond to your (specific) requests. We take the motto of the Contract line "precision in textiles" literally when it comes to offering you top quality and the best possible service over the long term.

Expertise based on tradition

Das Herzstück von Höpke sind jedoch unsere Stoffe. Mit ca. 1,5 Millionen Meter Lagerware können wir praktisch jeden Kundenwunsch erfüllen.