The identity of Montbel as a manufacturer of the high quality seating embodies the meaning of the expression of "100% made in Italy". Since the company was founded in 1959, over 3,000,000 chairs have been produced to date. Tradition and expertise merge with considerable demands to achieve an exceptionally high standard of quality, without neglecting excellent seating comfort.

Now there is the premium furniture with the high-quality fabrics from the house Höpke textiles.
Individual. Unmistakable.

In a view steps
to your dream furniture

Use our configurator tool

With its help you can easily put together your individual premium furniture from Montbel upholstered with your favorite fabrics from Höpke. In addition, you always have all relevant data such as furniture dimensions, fabric requirements and the price at a glance. For even more flexibility in choosing and designing your premium furniture from Montbel!

The story of Montbel and Höpke textiles

This know-how is joined by a selection of materials to make the product a fully finished piece of furniture of the highest class.

And this is where Höpke textiles, one of Germany's leading textile publishers, puts its upholstery fabric expertise to ideal use. A huge selection of "woven variety" perfects the individual piece of furniture, making it your own personal one-of-a-kind.

Höpke and Montbel. A unique cooperation. Joined together to pursue a common goal: not simply to produce seating furniture, but to exemplify an authentic combination of design, quality and comfort.