Furniture is an article of daily use and thus exposed to a wide variety of challenges every day. Children romp on the sofa, use the dining table as a race track for their toy cars or spill raspberry ice cream on the bright upholstered armchair. Even pets leave their traces when they take their well-deserved nap on the sofa after a walk in the woods. Of course a mishap can also happen with red wine, chocolate and co. Now it is important to tackle stains immediately with the right upholstery care. This is the only way to avoid unsightly edges and residual stains on the furniture.

A solution for every problem

LCK offers you "The whole world of furniture care" in its shop. The high-quality range includes products for leather care as well as solutions for imitation leather care and agents for upholstery care. You will also find products for the care of furniture surfaces made of wood, stone and glass in the shop. LCK has the right cleaners and stain removers for every type of cover and many surfaces. So you can get your furniture safely through the turbulent everyday life!