Genuine leather

No other material comes closer to nature than leather. That's why we at Höpke are now presenting you with a genuine leather collection that meets all the requirements of modern furniture upholstery. Our high-quality finished leather can be used in both the living area and the contract sector and is manufactured in compliance with the strictest regulations and EU directives. It is available in many different articles and colours - from classic to fancy. All raw materials are carefully selected and processed with great care. Regardless of whether you end up with a large or small quantity: You can always rely on our flexible service.

  • Protect the leather from direct sunlight, extreme heat and sharp objects.
  • Simply dust the leather with a dry, soft cloth.
  • For smaller stains, clean the leather in a circular motion, with a cloth and very mild soap solution.
  • Avoid soaking the leather, any liquid should be removed immediately.
  • Clean the leather in a circular motion and never rub hard.
  • Always remove impurities as quickly as possible.
  • Always remove impurities Avoid any aggressive and chemical cleaning agents (possible destruction of the surface).