Experience the active line performance

Just imagine – clearing your mind, you are taking in each moment, one at a time.

Active Line is a range of innovative textiles that do a lot more than make your upholstery pretty to look at. These fabrics incorporate versatility, easy care
and genuine everyday suitability. This is what makes them so pefect for the most important place in the world – your home.

Stain Protection
Water- and oil-repellant

Performance Fabrics

The entire Active Line collection consists of modern performance fabrics developed to suit your active life. These fabrics are comfortable, extremely durable and as resilient as they look and feel good. What’s more, all Active Line textiles are basically stain and spill-proof, making them a great choice for families and pet-owners.

Active Line Performance Fabrics - Cleaning with water only!

Maximum versatility. Maximum functionality.

Enlighten in Active Line fabrics’ lasting beauty and high performance every day.

Providing you the best in comfort, style and durability for years to come.

At Höpke, we are committed to off ering products that are engineered to just get it right. Our fabrics deliver an uncommon variety of design and versatility. Form and style always follow function. Prior to entering the market, our textiles undergo rigorous testing in order to ensure they not only meet but exceed our ambitious functional and aesthetic quality standards.

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® has become a fundamental partof label certification worldwide representing consumer confidence and product safety.


Quality certification along RAL-GZ 430 standards focuses on product permanence and durability as well as compliance with specific guidelines prohibiting harmful substances in upholstery textiles.

Huge selection of colors and patterns


These fabrics feature an impressive abrasion resistance as well as the proven “Clean Active” shield by Höpke: extremely robust in contact with soils including oil-based liquids, usually a moistened towel is sufficient to clean stains. The shield’s integrated protection also repels water and prevents bacteria from entering the fabric.

Active Line Artificial leather

Active Line artificial leather combines many outstanding technical characteristics, a resistance to stains and a high level of consumer benefit.

Because of this, it is suitable for use in demanding environments in the commercial sector, in healthcare, and in fitness studios. It is free from phthalates, yet still remains soft and stretchy. This item is not susceptible to breakage typical for this type of product, since the surface is PU-free.

Active Line Santo | Performance Fabrics

Performanc Fabrics

Positively spill-proof

Stubborn stains, such as those caused by permanent markers or ballpoint pens, can be easily removed from the material surface.

Stain protection
Blood, urine and sweat resistant
Water- and oil-repellant
Abrasion resistant